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Software + Essential Content Library (ECL)

The most time consuming job when producing animations is content making. In order to focus more on students' presenting techniques and story telling abilities, we offer you the Essential Content Library. This library contains a variety of characters, props, motions and effects so that you can easily choose suitable content when making animations. This will greatly save you time and help you get the most out of your learning materials.

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Content Library Vol. 1
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Total Motion Pack

Whether it's a motion capture data or a key-frame animation, producing motions requires much time and labor. The Total Motion Library includes motions that are suitable for most situations and themes. With this Motion Library not only can you satisfy your motion needs but you can also use these motions on different platforms such as iClone, Max, Maya, Unity, Unreal, DAZ, Poser and others to make professional aniamations and content.

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