Project: YEP Project Inc. (founded in July, 2014)

The goal at YEPPROJECT is to teach the youth how to "CREATE" the stories versus "BEING" the story if the story has "bad" consequences. Our goal is to get youth to create positive media! Our team uses tools such as 3D Max , Maya, and Blender and IClone with the kids. We selected iClone for our platform due to its high quality and ease of use compared to other platforms.

YEP stands for Youth Engagement Program. The goal of the organization is to foster the creation of positive media by youth ranging from music and video to 3D animation. We feel that there needs to be a “massive” flow of media that carries positive and uplifting messages as well as messages that provide proper guidance. We also want to introduce the youth to the fast growing fields of music, video, and 3D animation. The gaming and 3D virtual reality technology is growing rapidly, and we want to be ready with an army of eager “Media Developers” ready to take on the space and keep it positive!

We will have an online program that instructs the youth on YEPPROJECT tools and media creation process and also act as a collaborative tool to connect the youth. We have more programs coming out shortly, and they are all addressing problems kids are having in school from Racial Tension to Cyberbullying.

The Team:
Edward Prentice III is the founder and President of the YEP organization, who works side-by-side with a group of exceptional YEP Team members that also have the same mission of empowering the youth.
• Here is a list of YEP team members:
- Edward Prentice III - YEP Project Founder & Manager
- Shirelle Magee - YEP Project Advisor
- Heather Kuzmich - YEP Team 3D Department Manager

The Superstars:
The YEP kids all wrote their own stories and worked with our team to create these programs. Each youth will have an interview to go with their movie. We plan on really growing this initiative and have teams located in differ states ready to roll this out.


Here is Xavier discussing his completed project, “Bully Life”. He wrote the original treatment and storyboard for the project. He collaborated with YEPPROJECT Instructor, heather Kuzmich to complete the program. Xavier has learned all the 3D programming techniques to develop 3D projects from scratch now. This is another example of a student learning a valuable skill with the YEPPROJECT Program!

• Xavier Interview:   • Xavier 3D movie:

Trashawn is completing a 3D Virtual Movie that addresses bullying in the classroom. He is working with our 3D Director Heather Kuzmich to deliver an engaging program. The YEPPROJECT students at Mahalia Jackson Elementary are really producing some powerful messages!

• Trashawn Interview:   • Trashawn 3D movie:

Here is another 3D Virtual Movie by Miasha on Cyber Bullying! She is becoming quite the writer producer and just in the 7th grade! At YEP this is our goal to have many youth creating positive and informative media ranging from music and video to 3D Virtual Movies.

• Miasha 3D movie:    

Here is Derrick's 3D Virtual Movie on overcoming racial slurs and taunting on the sports field! Derrick wrote the treatment and storyboard and developed the characters and main animation for the project. Our Instructor worked with Derrick to enhance his scenes and complete the program.

• Derrick 3D movie:    


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“The team at searched for cost effective tools and applications that it could use to fulfill its Mission of having youth create positive media ranging from music and video to 3D animation. We want our Yep Youth to be “Producers” of positive media versus “Consumers” of negative media. A core function of our program is to create 3D Virtual Movies that carry messages that build and uplift youth. We selected IClone due to its high quality and low cost as compared to other 3D animation tools on the market. The new IClone 6 also has powerful features that make the movies really stand out! It is also easy to teach IClone to youth and Reallusion has an impressive library of tutorials that we can use for instruction. The Team at YEPPROJECT and its students look forward to generating many “positive” 3D Virtual Movies with the Reallusion product line.”
- -Edward Prentice III / YEP Project Founder & Manager