Develop A Course for Young Entrepreneurs

Some of you guys may know me as 'mellormedia' on the Reallusion forum. My Real world name is Darren Thompson and I work in an educational environment where we have come to love iClone for its qualities and usefulness.

As part of my role in the firm; I look after the media and ICT provision we offer to our learners, writing & developing the sessions as part of the full programme we offer.

This is where we have come to love iClone, it fulfills many requirements that we may be faced with.

The staff get to utilize the programme to help develop session notes / slideshow & web assets / demonstration and film production techniques among others without the hassle of worrying about royalties, copyright issues and the like.

One thing that was asked of us, was to develop a course for young 'entrepreneurs', mainly aimed at 'becoming self employed' in the media trade.

The course focused on creating a 'brand' with 'product' plus 'promotional merchandising of the product'. IClone catered for our needs in all departments.

The learning in our firm focuses around the 'experiential learning' theory, basically meaning the staff go through the learning process and share the gained knowledge and experience with the learners.

So MellorMedia Productions was formed as our 'Brand' and our first example merchandise was based around characters from the animation series 'Fellowship Of The Ding'.

The merchandise would be made available (at first instance) via a 'free' build your store service, (we were guided to 'cafe press' by a friend though there are many services available if you shop round).

Several characters were selected and 'storefronts' were created for each of them.

iClone was utilised for :-

Our staff and students could utilise iClone to create output media that was under our ownership and control thanks to the great liciensing structure offered by Reallusion. The 'media' created from iClone gives instant solutions to a lot of red tape problems that would stand before us if royalties and copyright restrictions came into play, which with iClone they don't.

IClone has been a great ‘teaching aid’ for the media / film craft courses when looking at ‘lighting techniques’ / ‘camera functions’ / documenting evidence in ‘script/story fashion. It also comes in handy for prepping lessons and creating demonstrational materials as part of the teacher’s toolkit.

As part of the ICT sessions, iClone has helped our young learners to ‘Improve Learning and Performance’ as part of their ‘wider key skills’.

Darren Thompson