SDMA Xinmin Primary School Case Studies


Provide students with a platform to express themselves creatively through Animation.
Expose students with Animation competition.
Provide teachers with a platform to engage in Animation production for educational purposes.
Promote the values of teamwork and collaboration among students and teachers.
Enhance the development of media literacy among students and teachers.

Quotes from Teachers:
“Its brings out awareness on Conservation of electricity and Graciousness on public transport.”
“A lot of people feel that there is less artistry involved in cartoon making unless they have painstaking control of each frame. But being able to create characters and bringing them to life gives me joy.”


Case 1:

Graciousness On Public Transport

"Look", there's a seat...dash... Recently in Singapore, we face lotsof problems on our public transports. Therefore the students from Xinmin Primary decided to create an animation to show awareness on public transport. In this Animation, the students design a character named Cherry. Cherry is a little girl from Xinmin Primary and everyday she will have travel toschool by MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) but every morning the MRT was very crowded.

The story start: One fine morning, Cherry was waiting to board the MRT. When the door of the MRT opened Cherry saw an empty seat and she felt very happy and dash towards the seat. Cherry managed to get the empty seat but she then realized that there are a lot of uncomfortable sights from people around. Cherry felt very uncomfortable and slowly moved away. She then realized that she was seating on the reserved seat that was meant for the pregnant, the elderly and the disabled.

Moral of the story: Please be gracious when you board any public transport, give up your seat for those who are more needed.

Case 2:

Save Electricity Now

Hey come and take a look at our (KOURT) products. We are having a mega sale up to 80%. Sales! Sales! Sales! For this Animation, the students from Xinmin Primary are trying their best to promote "Conservation Of Electricity" as currently a lot of people are taking Electricity for granted. Sometimes, we might miss some small little steps that could simply waste all these precious resources away. Therefore the students decided to bring a message to voice out the preciousness of Electricity. Imagine if we don't do anything to conserve electricity now, in the near future, we might not have any more electricity and we might have to depend on using other resources such as the illustration on moving wheels and mouse or cycling ourselves to get electricity. So start saving electricity now and save the mouse.

Save Electricity Now:
Leader- Lee Jia Xuan
Member 1- Charisse Yee
Member 2- Toh Koon Yee
Member3- Andrew
Graciousness On Public Transport:
Leader - Sebastian Chua
Member 1- Megan Lee
Member2- Shandelyn Ang
Member3 - Zenden Pek
Teacher Facilitator: Mrs Jasmine Wong