The Virtual Book for Teaching English

Hi, my name is Marta, I'm a teacher and I'd like to tell you an educative experience we've realized on a state school on a little town near Madrid using your CrazyTalk PRO tool.

I teach English as a second language to 5 years old children. Sometimes it's hard for them to speak in English because it's a foreign language for them, but we decided to use your CrazyTalk tool, and it was great.
We interviewed them asking simple questions such as "What's your favourite colour, what's your name...."
Then we asked them to draw themselves.
And with CrazyTalk we animated their faces with their voices. Finally we put them all together in a book.That virtual book was meant to be a present for the families, a compendium of everything they've learned during the course.

Well, I'd love you to take a look at the final result. I hope you like it.