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"I use iClone and CrazyTalk for my History lessons at school. My first video I made was the teachers singing a song about Henry VIII and his Six Wives. I used photos of the teachers and used CrazyTalk to animate them. The other students and my Teacher found it very amusing and they were glued to the screen throughout the video. My teacher says that we will be watching it again for revision soon!"

- TechGal13 from Forum

Key Features
Students are laughing. Students are having fun. Students are immersed in what they are doing. CrazyTalk's powerful facial morphing animation technology is all you need to transform photos, historical figures, authors, fine art, classroom artwork and more into animated talking characters.
  • Create 3D talking characters from any photo or image.
  • Easy tools to adjust eyes, lips, mouth and teeth.
  • Add automatic facial expressions and face morph effects.
  • Automatic lip-sync animation performance from any audio or typed text.
  • Apply any instant animated emotions and gestures.
  • Add animated SFX for fun character disguises.
  • Import images for custom teeth and eyes from teeth and eyes library.
  • 9 customizable character styles to match a variety of characters, from human to non-human such as cartoon, animal, machine and more.
  • Use a mouse or a handheld device to puppet character animation in real-time.
  • 5 puppet profiles for instant facial expression presets.
  • 6 attitudes matching various puppet personalities.
  • Flash
  • Youtube
  • HD
  • MPEG-4
  • NTSC
  • PAL
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