iClone in Education

iClone is an all-in-one 3D animation tool that allows anyone to create 3D characters by importing photos and mapping them onto CG models. Students can animate by choosing motions from the content library, or they can simply use their mouse to puppeteer characters, vehicles and props. You can also bring in real-life actors, and mix them with virtual environments to create school television shows or animated classroom presentations. Let students be their own directors and unleash their creative potential.

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Real-Time Animation Designed for Storytelling & Visualization

Storytelling is an essential ability in many fields from communication, digital media, to simply idea sharing. iClone is the real-time 3D animation tool that helps visualize your concept in an easy way, even if you have no prior experience in animation, by allowing you to touch people and spread your ideas with anyone around the world.

Easily Connect Your Productions with Industry-standard Tools

iClone provides the best and most flexible pipeline that works with all popular industry formats. Now your animated talking characters and props can be seamlessly connected to other 3D tools like SketchUp, 3DS Max, Blender, Maya, Poser, ZBrush and more.

Engaging Performances with Live Mocap

With the character of your choice, you can instantly create an animation and see your performance in real-time. This can all be done in the classroom with the Kinect system, which saves you from the hassle and expenense of renting an entire professional motion capturing studio. Moreover, iClone allows you to refine the results with its human IK technology. The same motion can then be reused, or exported to other animation engines. Experience all the do-it-yourself mocap procedures in iClone, the real-time mocap engine.

*Note: Currently Mocap only works with iClone 5.

Streamlined UI for Template-based Editing

iClone's production layout is logically designed and easy to understand, which helps you start with the stage, set, actor, camera, light, props and more. Choose contents from the left panel, custom modify your parameters from the right panel, and you can even drag & drop your custom media like jpg, png, videos to use inside. The logical user interface immediately lets you know how to start your movie.

Ready for Production with a Huge Content Library

iClone is not only an application, but it is also an entire community available for your classroom. Reallusion hosts the largest, real-time animation Marketplace that contains over 50,000 content items. You can access content created by worldwide iClone designers, and use ready-made scenes and characters to start your animation in just a few clicks.

Learn and Deliver in Weeks, Not Years

Now you no longer have to be a professional animator or modeler in order to work with animation. Before, if you wanted to animate your characters in Maya, you needed months, if not years of basic traning to start. But now with iClone you have the option of using a more cinematographic tool, designed for people who are aspiring to tell their animated story in a very short time without prior experience.

  Traditional 3D Tools iClone Time Consumed
Content Slowly create from scratch Quick setup with embedded content
Production Modeling > Rigging > Texturing > Motion Editing Stage Setting > Actor Casting > Animating & Storytelling
Character Flexible but everything needs to be created Customizable character base & dress design
Motion Flexible but requires key-by-key editing Transferable motions & smart motion creation techniques
User Interface Complicated & detailed Simple & intuitive
Preview Render to preview What you see is what you get
Render Very slow/movie quality Very fast/game quality
Learning Curve Very high Very low

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Camera, Lighting, Staging for Pre-viz

With iClone's real-time essence and preset templates, it's much faster and cost-effective to explore different staging and art direction such as lighting, camera placement, movements, and stage direction without incurring the costs of actual production.

Multimedia & Animation
3D CG Extension from Photo & Video Editing

Most people can only do photo and video editing, but now you need CG skills and knowledge in many fields like mobile apps, games, 3D movies, and special effects. iClone provides you with an easy path to step into the world of 3D animation.

Quickly Create Game-animated Characters

iClone is the easiest tool that lets you quickly set up your characters from any photo, deform body scale, create custom motions, add lip-synced facial animations, and export full production assets to the game engine of your choice.

Bring School Performance & Broadcast Ideas to Life

Without the need to physically build or rent an expensive studio, combining iClone's fully customizable virtual sets with green screen footage, students can immerse themselves, or any other spokesperson for professional results.

Enrich your Architectural Designs

With vivid plantations, skies for different seasons and times of the day, custom lighting, dynamic water, camera navigation, and living characters; iClone provides an instant environmental boost to your 3D architectural designs.

Training & Simulation
Visualize for Better Comprehension

There are many things that need visualization, rather than providing only verbal description to show how it works, such as operational procedures, mechanical theories, or human interaction behaviors. With iClone's real-time physics engine you can demo and simulate ideas with real times, movements and numbers.

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