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Traditional animation requires expert skills and neck-breaking frame-by-frame editing, but not anymore thanks to CrazyTalk Animator. Students can now easily import their own photos, or scanned text book images to create full-body characters with automatic facial animation and puppeteering motions. With this complete 2D animation tool, you can also drag & drop to build sets with sceneries and props, control your camera, and make characters perform to tell a story the way you see in a cartoon movie.

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Quick-to-Learn Comic Animation

Cartoon animations require fast production time, and usually involve large quantities of motions. CrazyTalk Animator's flexible Character Creation system, and intuitive production environment empower students to jump straight into motion comic creation without any prior experience. Whether the comic style inclines toward styles found in South Park, The Walking Dead Game, or NARUTO; CrazyTalk Animator helps students by facilitating how mainstream cartoons are made.

Use Any Photo or Video for Media Mash-ups

With its unique photo-to-animation engine, students can use CrazyTalk Animator to quickly turn photos, paintings, pets and toys into animate-able characters. They can also easily drag in JPG or PNG to set up as props, or use videos as a background. Moreover, users can create accessories, props, and stages with this amazing media mash-up platform.

Perfectly Transform
Student Drawings into Animations

With the built-in Character Composer system, students can easily turn their drawn elements into animated characters, and even use dynamic flash files for movements. You just need to link separated body parts, and let the application take care of layering articulated body structures, giving you complete control over body and facial animations.

Massive Content Library with Unlimited Resources

To save you from creating everything from scratch, we provide ready-to-animate libraries with handy content for all daily production. The Reallusion Content Store also lets you enjoy tons of access to live content, along with numerous bonus content designed to help you create awesome classroom projects in minutes.

Create Immersive Learning Environments

With CrazyTalk Animator, students can impersonate different actors and collaborate with each other to contribute different media. Effective visual assistance can also help boost students' comprehension in a very short time. Don't just present, but learn to effectively tell your story by acting and performing with your creations.

"Gamify" Interactive Media Designs

Animated characters are widely used in many popular apps and games, like Angry Birds and Plants v.s. Zombies. With a customizable character composer system and flexible motion controls, students can now easily create their own talking, moving, Flash game characters inside CrazyTalk Animator.

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