CrazyTalk in Education

CrazyTalk is the world's most popular facial animation tool that uses voice and text to vividly animate facial images. It is no surprise why everyday thousands of schools worldwide use CrazyTalk in their classrooms to animate their own paintings, doodles and historical characters. They also use it for language courses, social studies, arts and other school subjects; making CrazyTalk a great tool to engage students in the classroom, while allowing them to expand their creative minds.

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Unleash Hidden Talents During Creation

CrazyTalk gives students the power to create with their own materials, while employing the innovative auto motions to let students animate with their own voice. With CrazyTalk, students can easily turn their sketches, drawings, or pet photos into animated talking characters in the classroom. And with hundreds of auto animation profiles, you can also give characters all kinds of emotions and movements that fit each scenario.

Students Can Literally Teach Themselves

CrazyTalk is intelligently simple and intuitive to learn, as it doesn't require long hours of training. With just a few directions from teachers and a couple of hands-on practice runs, students can already start to make their ideas come true, and deliver results the same day!

Show & Tell, Has Never Been Easier

Every child likes cartoons, and now students can create their own cartoons without all the hassle as presenting school projects to the class, no longer takes strenuous work from students. From presenting global warming issue, showing science project, or even historical reenactment, students can show & tell in a fun and animated way as creating projects has never been easier or more fun!

Play-to-Learn and Win Students' Attention

Visual assistance can help teachers keep students focused in class. Creating teaching materials with characters that interest students such as using their own drawings or pet photos, can immediately attract students' attention. And with the help of CrazyTalk, teachers can easily create a more fun and engaging learning environment.

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