Benefits for
Primary & Secondary Education

The World is changing fast, and everyone needs to catch up. But do not worry, as we have tools that anyone can learn. Yes, anyone! CrazyTalk and iClone provide Primary and Secondary Schools with a fast and easy ways to enhance teaching, exponentially.

Peak student interest by getting them involved in their own digital storytelling and learn about these great tools that will help you teach almost any school subject.

  • Design Easy, Fast & Efficient Training Courses
  • Immediately Win and Maintain Students' Attention
  • Explore Students' Potential and Hidden Talents
  • Build Up Happy Learning-from-Play Environments
  • Motivated to Learn
  • Show and Tell - Improves Self-expression
  • Build Confidence & Self-fulfillment
  • More Involvement & Collaboration
  • Take Amazing Projects Home to Share
  • See Immediate Results and Show Childrens' Work
  • Improve Parent-Child Relationship Through Collaboration
  • Discover your Child's hidden talents
School: Betweentime: a River of Life Media project
Purpose: To add comedy to the Betweentime TV series and have fun while communicating with the season's theme - Friendship: How to build healthy relationships. The purpose of Betweentime projects is to give students a platform to impact their generation - helping each other make good choices and "figure life out."
Description: This video clip is called "Puppy Eyes." It is one of the "Animal Interview" segments in the Betweetime TV series. We took a frame of video and imported it into Crazy Talk, animated the frame/picture and then inserted the animation back into the video segment.
“After the students interviewed over 100 people (students, teachers, coaches, parents¡K) we went to a family farm to interview animals. The students thought I had lost it, but when they saw the Crazy Talk Animal Interviews they were amazed and love them.”
- TV series Producer Sharon Neve

School: Edinburg GT (Gifted and Talented) Summer Enrichment Camp
Purpose: To use this summer's camp to transformed artists ranging from 7-11 years old into animators with CrazyTalk.
Description: A video clip made in the GT Enrichment Camp June 11th -15th Edinburg, featuring Students¡¦ works with their Crazy Talk animations and background productions.
“As a student said in class ¡§I don¡¦t like this class ¡VI LOVE it!¡¨ That pretty much summarizes the fun we had with Crazy Talk and introducing young artists to become animators with the help of Crazy Talk. Students, teachers and administrators were excited to see this software bring a drawing to life.”
- Ramon Ramirez Art Teacher/Cartoonist