The Reallusion lesson plans are designed to help educators teach animation in the classroom. With the help of user friendly interfaces, smart animation tools and extensive content resources, Reallusion has become one of the most popular animation tools for beginners that wish to enter the world of animation. These tools may be used in any kind of subject for a complete, rich media experience.To download these FREE lesson plans - Simply sign up!

Get 3 Types of Teaching Resources

Syllabus / Guidance

Step-by-step training documents with detailed, teaching methodologies for you to prepare your class more efficiently.

Live Demo Video

The live demo videos elaborate the benefits of animation, while giving you a quick visual explanation on the results you can achieve

Sample Materials

The sample material folders provide you with all the necessary sample materials you need to replicate the same project on your

3D Animation Course

Target: Animation & Motion Picture Subjects
Ages: Secondary, and Higher Education
Benefit: iClone is the best 3D animation solution for users from all skill levels as iClone focuses on storytelling and directing by providing premade characters and motions.
Required Software: iClone5; 3DXchange5, Mocap Plug-in (Optional)

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Practical Science

Target: All Subjects (presentations/communication)
Ages: Primary and Secondary Education
Benefit: Students can use iClone to simulate the relationship between the earth, moon and sun in order to understand lunar phases, eclipses, changes in the earth's seasons and orbit around the sun.
Required Software: iClone5; 3DXchange5 (Optional)


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Virtual Newsroom

Target: All Subjects (presentations/communication)
Ages: Primary, Secondary and Higher Education
Benefit: Immerse your students into any environment without having to physically build it. iClone allows you to use virtual stages, through media compositing and chromakeying capabilities for virtual announcements and/or presentations.
Required Software: iClone5, popVideo Converter 2.0; Virtual Studio (Optional)

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Physics & Machine Dynamics

Target: Physics, Engineering Design, Mechanics & Dynamics
Ages: Secondary, and Higher Education
Benefit: With iClone5's new physics engine, students can easily simulate attributes, and collision responses inside a virtual world. With the Physics Toolbox plug-in, students can create robots, vehicles and any prototype machines with menu controls.
Required Software: iClone5, Physics Toolbox plug-in


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History & Storytelling

Target: Language & History Subjects
Ages: Primary and Secondary Education
Benefit: With premade avatars, props and scenes; iClone is an excellent tool for recreating and visualizing historical events. Let students research past events and prepare drama scripts, and scenarios for accurate storytelling.
Required Software: iClone5, 3DXchange5; G5 CloneCloth (Optional)

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