iClone Case Study

Below we would like to share with you a small number case studies provided by teachers who have already experienced the power of iClone in education!

Project: YEP Project Inc.
Purpose: The goal at YEPPROJECT is to teach the youth how to "CREATE" the stories versus "BEING" the story if the story has "bad" consequences. Our goal is to get youth to create positive media!

Description: YEP stands for Youth Engagement Program. The goal of the organization is to foster the creation of positive media by youth ranging from music and video to 3D animation. We feel that there needs to be a "massive" flow of media that carries positive and uplifting messages as well as messages that provide proper guidance. We have more programs coming out shortly in this format. They are all addressing problems kids are having in school from Racial Tension to Cyberbullying.

“We selected IClone due to its high quality and low cost as compared to other 3D animation tools on the market. It is also easy to teach IClone to youth and Reallusion has an impressive library of tutorials that we can use for instruction.”
- Edward Prentice III / YEP Project Founder & Manager


School: National Film and Television School - UK
Purpose: A work-in-progress game showreel made by students from National Film and Television School, one of the top film schools in the world.

“Our research led us to Reallusion iClone and the associated 3DXchange pipeline. This has enabled our students to create lifelike human character animation which can be deployed into their game compositions without the need for modelling and animating from scratch. It is the equivalent of a ready-made character art and animation department, which can produce customisable models and animate them to order at a high quality and adaptable specification. ”
- Jon Weinbren / National Film and Television School Teacher


School: Phahad Ali - MA Arts/Graphic Design
Purpose: An animation project that makes use of complex stories and folk tales to deliver a message of peace, identity and solidarity.

“Thank you for this amazing software, I have been working on 3 projects for a year on my MA degree and because of this software, I was able to get high grades and finally a distinction. It is so amazing how much an animator could do with Iclone" – Phahad Ali / Graphic designer!”
- Phahad Ali / Graphic designer

School: St. Bernard's Catholic School in Levittown
Purpose: An animation project made by students to visualize the concepts of wormholes and alternate realities, in order to separate fact from fiction.

“This is how I teach students about facts and probabilities in space travel, science, astrophysics, and cosmology. This way I keep them interested in the lesson without boring them. What I teach the kids about animation is not how to "create" animation, but how you can be "creative" by using animation.”
- Stephen Joseph / Teacher
School: Isle of Man College
Purpose: To provide a fun introduction to Robert Browning's famous poem, 'My Last Duchess', and to provide opportunities for comparative analyses between the two texts regarding such areas as use of language and characterization.
Description: A dark video parody - As a result of Dolores' outrageous flirting, an East End of London gangster recounts how he issued certain 'orders' in order to rid himself of the girlfriend who had come to dissatisfy him.
“iClone5 PRO is an amazingly powerful and user-friendly programme which is extremely well supported by web-based video tutorials. Rather than being some mysterious or magical art requiring years of dedicated study under the tutelage of a renowned master, Reallusion have created an on-line support environment in which 3D animation is surprisingly quick and easy to learn for yourself.”
- Peter Morrisson / Cambridge IGCSE English Teacher
School: Direct Action Media Academy – US
Purpose: To inspire and assist in student advancement.
Description: This video is about a group of high-school students wanting to address self-esteem and self-determination. They were all excited about learning iClone because it allowed them the freedom to apply other multimedia software that they recently learned.
“I've been using iClone for years because it is such a user friendly application that features every aspect of cinematography, and it translates well with most post-production software. It is unlimited for storytelling.”
- John Kennedy McCray / Media Director

School: London Film Academy – UK
Purpose: To use iClone in film training, film techniques and pre-visualization in film production.
Description: An introductory video, explaining the usage and potential of iClone in the film industry for saving costs and production time.
“The Pre-visualization module of the London Film Academy's Digital Film VFX Certificate course is designed to show how pre-vis, with the aid of Reallusion's iClone, can aid a film maker in trying out creative visual effects shot ideas in a real time CG environment.”
- Alan Marques

School: MellorMedia Productions – UK
Purpose: To use iClone to develop session notes, slideshow s, web assets, demonstrations and film production techniques.
Description: A short animation by D.J.Thompson of The Spotlight Studio, promoting the King Brilliant track 'You Drive Me Crazy'.
“iClone has been a great 'teaching aid' for the media / film craft courses when looking at 'lighting techniques'/ 'camera functions' / documenting evidence in 'script/story fashion. It also comes in handy for prepping lessons and creating demonstrational materials as part of the teacher's toolkit.”
- Darren Thompson

School: Cumbernauld College – UK
Purpose: Produce copyright cleared avatars and sign-language animation.
Description: A video introducing the use of iClone and CrazyTalk in the curriculum of Cumbernauld College.
“When using CrazyTalk and iClone in this way with students and tutors, the important thing is the process, not the end product - although everyone loves the product! We intend to use the software more often with students for revision and reflection on what they have learned in their courses.”
- Cumbernauld College

School: Galileo University – Guatemala
Purpose: To enhance students training, and enable them to design and produce animated video sequences for Educational Media, WEB communications and Commercial Animation Production.
Description: iClone music video case study from Galileo University.
“Why was iClone selected to be an important tool for this endeavor? Because the complete virtual studio facility built into iClone is an incredible bargain per Dollar investment, which is several times more economical and effective, while the finished product can reach unsuspected levels of quality, communicative power and entertaining value!”
- Mike Aparicio

School: Newcastle City Learning Centre – UK
Purpose: To use iClone to stimulate pupils' interest in a subject they are normally opposed to doing much work in.
Description: A historical recreation of the Saxon Hordes with the use of iClone 3D animation.
“My intentions for the future are to use iClone in Digital Art courses. When looking to iClone it really is up to the teacher to use their imagination as to which part of the curriculum iClone could be used. This amazing software lends itself to any area. Thanks so much Reallusion!!! ”

School: Chesapeake High School – US
Purpose: To use iClone to create 3D content for a literacy simulator which is used in Environmental science, Geometry, and other subjects.
Description: A video of a simulator created to improve literacy in students in the STEM Academy at Chesapeak High School.
School: Middle School students during the National Middle School Association show in Baltimore, MD - November 2010
Purpose: To create 3D Stereo videos and images inside the classroom for science projects, presentations, lessons and more.
Description: A video slip of students interacting with the amazing 3D Stereo capabilities of iClone.