CrazyTalk Animator Case Study

Below we would like to share with you a small number case studies provided by teachers who have already experienced the traits of CrazyTalk Animator in class!

Educator: Isle of Man College
Purpose: A new resource for the teaching of common spelling errors, apostrophes and capital letters through animation.
Description: A series of sixteen short animated lesson starter activities which star bone-idle teen, Lazy Larry, and other assorted cast members.
“ 'The Lazy Larry Show!' is a succession of comic misadventures designed to reinforce prior learning of the essential skills of: correctly spelling fifteen of the most commonly confused words; correct apostrophe usage; and correct usage of capital letters.”
- Peter Morrisson - Educator
Educator: Meadow Lane Elementary School - Olathe, Kansas, USA
Purpose: The students have a weekly graded spelling test and the computer spelling game is used to practice the words before they're tested.
Description: A series of spelling games using Articulate Storyline and embedded in the games animations created with CrazyTalk Animator.
“CrazyTalk helped me use delightful animation characters that I could not have created on my own as well as enabled me to create animations after viewing just a few of Reallusion's online tutorials. I'm not an artist or an animator, which is a good testament to the ease of use that characterizes CrazyTalk.”
- Jonathan Bacon - Educational Volunteer
Educator: Visiting Scholar in San Jose University - U.S.A.
Purpose: Use CrazyTalk Animator to motivate students' learning and increase the teaching efficiency.
Description: In the research it was found that with all the things that make it interesting, animation definitely has the power to attract people's attention. They integrated students' avatars with some educational projects such as story telling strategies and other motivational variables in different learning fields.
“This brings us to the benefits of using animation tools like CrazyTalk Animator, as it is a very easy and friendly tool for students and teachers as they don't need to suffer from figuring out how to use the software.”
- Maigo Lin
, Visiting Scholar in San Jose University
School: Zimbabwe Festival of African Inspired Animation (ZIMFAIA) - Zimbabwe
Purpose: The Zimbabwean Festival of African Inspired Animation (ZIMFAIA) brings African lovers of African animation together, and it provides a platform for these self-taught animators to showcase their talent and potential.
Description: The existence of ZIMFAIA gave birth to international relationships between Zimbabwean animators and the rest of the world.
“It's phenomenal that animation can reach such young minds, and the beauty of CrazyTalk and CrazyTalk Animator is the way it works, its so user friendly that even children can grasp what's going on.”
- Tafadzwa Tarumbwa / Vice President of Joint African Animation Group

School: I.I.S. Galileo Galilei - Italy
Purpose: To target high school students where English literature is a curricular subject. The script of the video was developed by students of class IV A Liceo Galilei.
Description: An animated video using a cartoon avatar of William Shakespeare, where he leads us on a guided tour of the Globe theatre.
“CrazyTalk is Fantastic! Students really enjoy it, and colleagues show unconditional admiration towards my "humble person.”
- Webmaster Maria Antonietta Sessa

School: SDMA Xinmin Primary School –Singapore
Purpose: Promote the values of teamwork and collaboration among students and teachers.
Description: The students from Xinmin Primary created an animation to show awareness on public transport.
“A lot of people feel that there is less artistry involved in cartoon making unless they have painstaking control of each frame. But being able to create characters and bringing them to life gives me joy.”
- by one of the teachers

School: St. John the Baptist Catholic Comprehensive School - United Kingdom
Purpose: ICT teacher Renaldo Lawrence, uses CrazyTalk Animator to create avatars and support educators with their animation work, by creating videos that can be viewed on the mobile phones.
Description: A video animation reviewing student's checklists with the use of personalized character avatars.
“At the moment I'm using Reallusion's Crazy Talk Animator and I'm using it to do some very creative things. But I'm thinking, 'Wait a minute, if I export that out as a movie and bring it into AfterEffects I can add some leaves that fall, put a man riding a bicycle going by.' So it's not about one program, it's about the ability to merge these programs together to create a lot of different things and to make this stuff available on as many devices as possible.”
- Renaldo Lawrence; Advanced skills ICT teacher

Institute: WebVideoUniversity
Purpose: To quickly create cartoon videos without any animation experience.
Description: A video review showing how to create cartoons with CrazyTalk Animator.
“You could go the web route with sites like Xtranormal or GoAnimate. But if you want total control over your video creation (and don’t want your cartoon videos to look like everyone else's) a tool at the top of your list should be CrazyTalk Animator.”
- Dave Quincy