CrazyTalk Case Study

Below we would like to share with you a small number case studies provided by teachers who have already experienced the traits of CrazyTalk in class!

School: Airds High School
Purpose:A video that year 7 students used to win, in the Macarthur Film Festival after their drawings of themselves were animated to speak their poetry with their own voices.

“All credit goes to these wonderful students as they used their own poems, drawn faces and voices! Crazy Talk helped bring them to life and make people laugh. ”
- Pia Cruz / English Teacher

School: Ashland University ESL center
Purpose:To show teachers how using CrazyTalk's animation technology can help improve English pronunciation in the classroom.

“Crazy Talk is very user-friendly, as it helped turn my presentation into a vivid discussion. It added many visual and audio elements to my presentation. I am kind of dumb when it comes to technology. Nevertheless, I didn't find any difficulty using it after 1 hour of practice. So, go for it!”
- Kent Chen / Professor

School: Betweentime: a River of Life Media project
Purpose: To add comedy to the Betweentime TV series and have fun while communicating with the season's theme - Friendship: How to build healthy relationships. The purpose of Betweentime projects is to give students a platform to impact their generation - helping each other make good choices and "figure life out."
Description: This video clip is called "Puppy Eyes." It is one of the "Animal Interview" segments in the Betweetime TV series. We took a frame of video and imported it into Crazy Talk, animated the frame/picture and then inserted the animation back into the video segment.
“After the students interviewed over 100 people (students, teachers, coaches, parents) we went to a family farm to interview animals. The students thought I had lost it, but when they saw the Crazy Talk Animal Interviews they were amazed and love them.”
- TV series Producer Sharon Neve

School: Edinburg GT (Gifted and Talented) Summer Enrichment Camp
Purpose: To use this summer's camp to transformed artists ranging from 7-11 years old into animators with CrazyTalk.
Description: A video clip made in the GT Enrichment Camp June 11th -15th Edinburg, featuring Students who works with their Crazy Talk animations and background productions.
“As a student said in class "I don't like this class, I LOVE it!" That pretty much summarizes the fun we had with Crazy Talk and introducing young artists to become animators with the help of Crazy Talk. Students, teachers and administrators were excited to see this software bring a drawing to life.”
- Ramon Ramirez Art Teacher/Cartoonist

School: Poway Unified School District – U.S.A.
Purpose: Using CrazyTalk to Increase Student Learning in Social Studies with national symbols.
Description: Two 1st Grade students show us how easy it is to animate still photos with CrazyTalk in the classroom.
“I was amazed at the energy and excitement the students had for this project once they realized they would be creating a movie using CrazyTalk. Their motivation jumped exponentially.”
- Teacher Megan Power

School: Gold Hill Elementary School – U.S.A.
Purpose: Motivate students to improve their reading, learn to write scripts, prepare materials and cooperate together.
Description: A series of animated videos, each written and prepared by elementary students to announce events and school announcements.
“Things are going CRAZY around our school! It seems that the walls are talking, hats are coming to life, and toys are singing. We never know what will sprout eyes and a voice to send a message.”
- Teacher Jonelle Gardner

School: Maryville High School – U.S.A.
Purpose: Promote critical thinking and inquiry-based learning.
Description: Used as video animations for American literature and American history presentations.
“I used Crazy Talk for one of the most fun and entertaining presentations that I have ever done. This program can be used for almost any kind of literary or historical presentation. It could also be used in mythology class to make the Greek Gods come to life. In science class I might use the program to have animals talk about their behaviors and environments.”
- by one of the students

School: Lincoln Junior High – U.S.A.
Purpose: Help bring drawings/pictures to live for enhancing student interest and creating exciting presentations.
Description: CrazyTalk6 in Language Arts Class.
“The students love working with this program, as it is a unique, interactive way to help demonstrate their understanding of a subject or topic. Teachers and administrators are impressed with what the students can do with the software.”
- Teacher Josh Stumpenhorst

School: Sidcot Secondary School – UK
Purpose: To create a series of lessons for year 7 art group by allowing students to draw their favorite artists, and animate their biographies and painting techniques.
Description: An animated video made from a hand drawn portrait of Vincent van Gogh. The hand drawn portrait was made by a student.
“CrazyTalk is such a simple programme to use that they needed the briefest of instruction before being left to work out for themselves how to create their talking drawings. Once these two students had got to grips with Crazytalk though experimentation, by watching the tutorials that came with the software and through my demonstration, they could pass this knowledge on to the next pair of students.”
- Teacher Ross Wallis

School: Sidcot Secondary School – UK
Purpose: Encourage students to learn and explore how to use the computer in an active and creative way.
Description: Students draw self portraits, then record and animate their portraits talking about what they like about art. (View the video in IE browser)
“I have very recently added CrazyTalk to my catalogue of software and started to play with it alongside some of my students. What an amazing bit of software. It is really simple to use, even with very young students, it taps into the fascination of seeing oneself on screen, and has bags of creative potential.”
- Teacher Ross Wallis

School: Mount Colah Public School – Australia
Purpose: Use CrazyTalk to discover how the choice of vocabulary is important in expressing an idea or concept.
Description: Students create animated advertisements to sell everyday products.
“CrazyTalk is a simple but powerful animation program that engages students of all ages. We found than the problem wasn't getting the students to become involved but rather getting the students to go out for recess and lunch as they become so engrossed with the software. This program should be at the top of ever school's list of software for the classroom .”
- Principal Bill Gillespie

School: San Sebastian State School – Spain
Purpose: Use CrazyTalk as an English teaching tool for 5 year olds.
Description: Students created virtual language books by animating their drawings with basic English questions to present to the families.
“I teach English as a second language to 5 years old children. Sometimes it's hard for them to speak in English because it's a foreign language for them, but we decided to use your CrazyTalk tool, and it was great.”
- Teacher Marta

School: The Learning Lighthouse City Learning Centre – UK
Purpose: Use facial animation to create talking history heads. Transform images into actors.
Description: The 'Chatty History' workshop combines oral literacy with facial animation to create talking heads from history.
“Crazy Talk has enhanced the teaching and learning of literacy across the curriculum for pupils visiting the Learning Lighthouse.”
- The Learning Lighthouse