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iClone Case Study

Below we would like to share with you a small number case studies provided by teachers who have already experienced the power of iClone in education!

Pre-visualization with iClone

"The Pre-visualization module of the London Film Academy's Digital Film VFX Certificate course is designed to show how pre-vis, with the aid of Reallusion's iClone can aid a film maker in trying out creative visual effects shot ideas in a real time CG environment with digital sets, props, characters and effects."

- Alan Marques, London Film Academy

iClone and CrazyTalk at Cumbernauld College

"When using CrazyTalk and iClone in this way with students and tutors, the important thing is the process, not the end product - although everyone loves the product! We intend to use the software more often with students for revision and reflection on what they have learned in their courses."

- Cumbernauld College, UK

iClone in Education

"My intentions for the future are to use iClone in Digital Art courses. When looking to iClone it really is up to the teacher to use their imagination as to which part of the curriculum iClone could be used. This amazing software lends itself to any area. Thanks so much Reallusion!!!"

- Brian Richardson, Newcastle City Learning Centre

Develop A Course for Young Entrepreneurs

"iClone has been a great 'teaching aid' for the media / film craft courses when looking at 'lighting techniques'/ 'camera functions' / documenting evidence in 'script/story fashion. It also comes in handy for prepping lessons and creating demonstrational materials as part of the teacher’s toolkit."

- Darren Thompson, MellorMedia Productions

iClone Educational Program at Galileo University

"Why was iClone selected to be an important tool for this endeavor? Because the complete virtual studio facility built into iClone is an incredible bargain per Dollar investment, which is several times more economical and effective, while the finished product can reach unsuspected levels of quality, communicative power and entertaining value!"

- Galileo University, Guatemala

How Reallusion IClone4 and Support Meets the Needs of Schools and Colleges Today

"Future projects currently in planning phase include exploration and application of the 3D functionality built right into IClone 4 as well as the interactivity created with Widgetcast and Pop Video Creator. It seems that Reallusion are consistently pushing the boundaries of what educators can achieve with ICT across all areas of the curriculum."

- Sunderland City Learning Centre

Drama - The Wizard of OZ

"As you will see this has huge potential for Drama productions etc and of course graphical images used for packaging of products. I thought you may want to include this as another way of using iClone in Education!"

- Brian Richardson, Newcastle City Learning Centre