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CrazyTalk Case Study
Below we would like to share with you a small number case studies provided by teachers who have already experienced the traits of CrazyTalk in class!
Motivating Students to Learn

"Things are going CRAZY around our school! It seems that the walls are talking, hats are coming to life, and toys are singing. We never know what will sprout eyes and a voice to send a message."

- Jonelle Gardner, Gold Hill Elementary School

The American Studies Program

"Although we have only had the software for a short time, we have already used it in conjunction with three units: the Industrialization of America, the Roaring Twenties, and the Great Depression. We combined our study of the 1920’s and 1930’s with the study of The Great Gatsby and Cinderella Man."

- Dr. Penny Ferguson and Mark White, Maryville High School

Increasing Student Participation with 1st Graders

"I was amazed at the energy and excitement the students had for this project once they realized they would be creating a movie using CrazyTalk. Their motivation jumped exponentially."

- Megan Power, Poway Unified School District

. Titanic

"During the time that the children had the opportunity to use Crazy Talk, there was a noticeable improvement in the quality of work that was produced by the children, particularly some of the less well motivated boys."

- Wallace High School, UK

. Make Self Portraits & Inanimate Objects Talk

"I see CrazyTalk as an application with similar potential. It is so easy to use, very little learning to be done, and great results very quickly. It is also great fun to use, but through this can come some very serious teaching. If we can capture students imagination, if they can be having fun, if they are willing to engage because of these tools, then they will also be learning in a powerful way."

- Ross Wallis, Sidcot Secondary School

Make Famous Portraits Talk

"Crazytalk5 is such a simple programme to use that they needed the briefest of instruction before being left to work out for themselves how to create their talking drawings. Once these two students had got to grips with Crazytalkthough experimentation, by watching the tutorials that came with the software and through my demonstration, they could pass this knowledge on to the next pair of students."

- Ross Wallis, Sidcot Secondary School

. The Virtual Book for Teaching English

"I teach English as a second language to 5 years old children. Sometimes it's hard for them to speak in English because it's a foreign language for them, but we decided to use your CrazyTalk tool, and it was great."

- Marta